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Tri-colour Pride

India celebrated 75th Independence Day countrywide on 15th August 2021. On this note, Auxilium too, carried this tradition forward and got united under the spirit of nationalism by conducting a beautiful online program amidst ongoing lockdown still in the education sector.

The occasion was graced by the presence of honourable chief guest Rev. Fr. V. C. Jose, who is currently serving as  the  principal  of  Don Bosco School, Siliguri.

On this occasion, the Indian National Flag was hoisted ceremoniously at the school premises in the presence of Sisters of the school management and other staff members after which the National Anthem was sung with a lot of national pride and chauvinism. But, before this, God Almighty was remembered through a prayer song to shield and safeguard the country and her countrymen from the clutches of COVID-19 pandemic.

Fr. Jose, the chief guest, in his Independence Day message,   motivated the young learners to offer incredible sacrifices through hard work and dedication so that the people of the nation may be liberated from the slumbering of illiteracy and ignorance.

Viewers of this virtual ceremony on the digital platform were thrilled to watch an array of glittering events that included many colourful programmes like Flag Relay, Patriotic song and dance, Bollywood dance, videos of mouth-watering tri-colour dish preparations etc.

The Flag Relay was the centre of attraction where students from Class I to X joined hands to exchange Indian National Flag so as to spread the message of ‘Integrity and Strength’.

All the students performed exceptionally well and added a great deal of fun and excitement to ignite a spark of thrill in the on-line programme that was filled with high end graphics, animation and special effects.

On this occasion, the principal of the school, in her message,  emphasized on the true meaning of freedom which enables a person to take right decisions and do constructive things. Besides this, she also blessed all the learners and reminded them of their duties and responsibilities in nation building.

Overall, the real message of true independence was skilfully delivered so that in future these young minds can serve the motherland and her people with academic excellence in the field of education, science and technology, art and culture, economy, politics, sports, media, etc.

Thursday, 19th August 2021