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Inter-section Quiz Competition (Class VI)

The School Inter-section Class VI Quiz Competition was held 7th May, 2024, showcasing the intellectual prowess of the students. The competition brought together participants from various sections of Class VI to engage in a battle of wits and knowledge.

Participants: Students from different sections of Class VI enthusiastically participated in the event, demonstrating their eagerness to showcase their knowledge and quick thinking abilities.

Format: The quiz competition comprised multiple rounds covering diverse topics such as General Knowledge, Science, Mathematics, Literature, and Current Affairs etc. The questions ranged from basic to challenging, ensuring a fair yet stimulating competition.

Competition Atmosphere: The atmosphere during the competition was electrifying, with students showcasing their passion for learning and competition. The participants displayed remarkable teamwork, communication skills, and sportsmanship throughout the event.

Results: After an intense and closely contested competition, the winners were announced amidst much excitement and applause. However, the true essence of the event lay not just in the victory, but in the spirit of participation, learning, and camaraderie displayed by all the students.

Overall, the School Inter-section Class VI Quiz Competition served as a platform for students to enhance their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and foster a sense of healthy competition. It was a testament to the academic excellence and vibrant student community of the school.

A glimpse of the score sheet is presented hereunder: -

Friday, 10th May 2024