Recent Events

Inter House Debate Competition

On 17th Oct. ’23, Auxilium Convent School organized the Inter House Debate Competition in which two representatives from all the four houses participated.

In this competition, students of Class VIII and IX participated and the topic of debate was – “Social networking should be banned for students under 16”.

In the cut-throat encounter, the crowd was absolutely spellbound to the extent of thought by the participants and their research work on the content of the topic.

All the representatives were not only found capable to express their own point of view on the given topic but also satisfied the jury of judges by clarifying their queries on the given subject.

In the end, as per the cumulative total score given by the judges, the houses which bagged the 1st and 2nd prize were Yellow house and Red house respectively. The third prize was bagged by both Green & Blue House respectively.

In this competition, some of the students who drew everyone’s attention were Aditi Saha (IX B), A. Mrithika (IX C) and Gitasmita Kundu (IX C). They were acknowledged as the BEST SPEAKERS for their enthralling power of speech.

On this occasion, Sister Principal appreciated all the participants for their exquisite talent at speaking skills and congratulated all the winners for putting up a brilliant performance.

Thursday, 19th October 2023