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A Christmas Bliss to Bring us Peace

Christmas in today’s generation has become a universally celebrated event all over the world as it leaves us with the messages of love & happiness apart from adding new hopes & dreams towards making our life a meaningful one.

Auxilium observed the birth of Jesus Christ in the form of a short pre-Christmas online celebration held on 23rd Dec ’21 amidst a lot of religious fervour and sanctity of heart.

The proceedings included prayer dance to purify everyone’s heart and rinse everybody’s soul. The life and sacrifices of Jesus, the Messiah were recollected in the form of carol and hymn sung by the students.

Special programmes like dance drama and Christmas dance by Class–I glorified the birth of Jesus and applauded the greatness of God. The speech delivered on this occasion on behalf of the students centred around the divinity of Jesus even though he got nothing good in return and was ultimately crucified on the cross.

On this occasion, the principal of the school, in her Christmas message, remembered the preaching and proclamations of the life of Jesus so that they may give direction to our everyday life and fill our world with more and more love, hope, peace and joy.

Overall, it was a memorable virtual get-together where everyone felt blessed by God’s abundant mercy and bountiful grace.

In fact, everyone carried home a meaningful message of the true spirit of Christmas through the hour long online pre-Christmas celebration.

Monday, 3rd January 2022