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Au Revoir (Goodbye Until We Meet Again)

Auxilium family bid adieu to Sir Lalit Verma through a heart-wrenching ceremony on 28th June 2024. His premature retirement from teaching profession came a bit early due to personal reasons. He had been working as an Asst. Teacher at Auxilium Convent School since April 2007.

On the ocassion of his farewell a short ceremony was organized in which the school management as well as the Principal expressed  deepest gratitude for his invaluable contributions towards school community in teaching and other voluntary services. His dedication, passion, and commitment to education have left an indelible mark on both his colleagues and the students whom he inspired.

The day of his farewell was special in a way that everyone from both teaching and non-teaching fraternity including Principal and vice-principal expressed sincere gratitude and warm regards to him for his simplicity and helpfulness to students as well as humility and politeness to all the staff members.

At Auxilium, he will be remembered as an individual with a lot of patience and perseverance in bringing discipline among the students. Besides this, as a brilliant human being he played a pivotal role in building many school related infrastructural work, choir group, audio recordings etc. His assistance and support over a period of 17 years as a teacher of Auxilium shall remain unforgettable forever. Through his relentless efforts and services, he helped the school scale praiseworthy heights.

His absence in the school will be felt in the days to come. He will be remembered in everyone’s prayers with loads of good wishes and blessings for his new life after retirement.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2024