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School Bus

  1. School bus facility will be available only to limited number of children in each route according to the capacity of the bus.
  2. In order to avail the bus facility, an application form, obtained from the school office, should be filled in and submitted to the school office on the date notified in the application form.
  3. One who is given the bus facility will be given a Bus Pass (Class I - V), which is to be brought with him/her every day. Whenever requested, the girl/boy is expected to show the Bus Pass to the Bus peons who represent school authority in the bus.
  4. Bus Fees: Bus fee is to be paid with the tuition fee for all the twelve months of the year.
  5. The bus will stop only at the fixed stop. Incase the girl/boy is late to arrive at the stop; she/he is expected to reach the school by any other conveyance.
  6. Parent/Guardians and the students are expected to pay due respect to the Bus Peons.
  7. Any disrespect shown either by the student or the Parent/Guardian is reason enough for the withdrawal to the Bus Pass.
  8. Students are expected to behave themselves politely and with decency while in the school bus.
  9. A student will forfeit his/her seat in the bus for unruly behaviour like fighting, using abusive language, yelling, throwing water on each other while travelling to and from the school.
  10. Students are expected to obey the bus monitors and to be well mannered in word and deed in the bus as well as at the Bus Stands.
  11. Misbehaviour in the public places and conveyances justifies withdrawal of the Bus Pass as well as dismissal from the school.
  12. Those who do not have the school uniform may be debarred from boarding the school Bus.
  13. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to travel by School Bus.
  14. There may be hike in Transport Fee in accordance with the hike in fuel and other transportation costs.



We are happy to inform you that for the safety of the students’ we have installed CCTV and GPS TRACKING device in each bus. To track your ward’s bus please download the app named "Where is My School Bus ?" developed by Traqr Technologies from google playstore. For Username & Password please contact your Bus driver. You can download the app directly by clicking here.



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