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Computer Lab

  1. The computer lab is the place of learning and serious work. For this ‘silence’ is a very necessary element. Observe strict silence.
  2. Dust is the greatest enemy of the computer .Remove shoes before entering the room. Wear clean socks.
  3. Take nothing into the computer room without the prior permission of the teacher.
  4. The computer is a complicated electronic instrument, which is learnt through instructions and operations. Students should follow the instructions of the teacher carefully
  5. The computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Any damage caused by a student must be made good by her/him. Report immediately any kind of defect or damage, so that prompt action may be taken and the machine available for the next user.
  6. Computer time is precious, don’t waste it.
  7. Place all books and on the table, not at your computer.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring any kind of storage devices (pen drive, cd, etc.)
  9. Do not install any software or modify or delete any system files on any lab computers.
  10. CD-ROMs and other multimedia equipment are for school work only .Do not use them for playing music or other recreational activities.
  11. Respect the equipment. Don’t remove or disconnect any labels, parts of cables.
  12. Do not read or modify or other users file. Never impersonate another user by using their name or password. Do not access files, accounts or other systems you are not authorize to use.
  13. Sit up straight. Place your feet on the floor, not on the shelf. type with two hands.
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